01 July 2008

Per-Henrik Bergkvist

Name: Per-Henrik Bergkvist
Age: 31
Profession: Reindeer herder
Family: Partner, 2 year old son and one more child on the way
Interests: Hunting, do handicraft (Duodji) and carpentry
Live: Jänsmässholmen

Now it's time to start introduce the 7 persons that will wear our jeans. The first one out is Per-Henrik who lives in Jänsmässholmen, ca 100km northwest of Östersund. He took some time of from his new house building in Stensjön to get his Denim Demons and make us some coffee and sponge cake. We look forward to see the fading that will come from reindeer marking, house building and hunting!


Anonymous said...

Hurra for Denim Demons og Per Henrik!!!

Anonymous said...