09 July 2008

Jan-Olof Ellebrink

Name: Jan-Olof Ellebrink
Age: 56
Profession: Deacon assistent
Family: Married with three children
Interests: Family, be outside in the nature and fishing
Live: Dorotea

Number 5 is deacon Jan-Olof, who we meet at the confirmation camp in Jäckvik, same camp as Jonna's brother attended. We got there at 01.00 in the night and we've never seen so many Foppa-slippers in the same place before, they seemed very popular by the young candidates for confirmation. Sebastian took some beautiful pictures in the night light and then it was time for us to move on up to Inhavet and over to Norway again.

In Inhavet we meet our 6th test-pilot and what seems to be a living legend, almost everyone we meet during our roadtrip knew who this person was...

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