25 December 2011


We're offering between 30 to 50% discount on selected items at , end of season sale! Great items still available, make a move fast before its too late!

16 December 2011

Denim Demon jeans 5 years.

Time flies, it seems. Tomorrow, Saturday December 17, we've been up and running for 5 years. First 286 pairs of Aajja Raw Selvedge came out that same date 2006, and sold out in two weeks. Since then we've been on quite a journey...
Soon available in a 100 + shops in Japan, Australia, South Africa, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy.

Our Samí inspired clothing is growing rapidly.

We want to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with you, our friends as well, so we're giving you 25% off at our webshop. But this is only valid tomorrow, Saturday Dec 17. Type the word "birthday" in when you check out, and the discount will be taken off your order.

Happy Birthday Denim Demon! And thank you all for your support!

26 April 2011

Our friends on the web.

Junkyard, the most popular hardware destination in Scandinavia, founded 2002. Skate, Snowboard and Streetwear is what these guys live for. A huge selection of brands makes them one of the top shopping destinations. They also have their own annual "Junkfest", a huge get-together including Skating, Live performances and usually some beer. Buy your pair of Denim Demon jeans at Junkyard.

25 April 2011

Our friends on the web.

Even though this is a fairly new shop, the guys behind C-Store are old in the business. Now running three different shops they have something for everyone. C-Store carries a lot of nice brands such as Momotaro, Red Wing, Heritage Research and Denim Demon jeans. They also run a blog with f e Fit of the week.

22 April 2011

Our friends on the web.

Say hello to Sneakersnstuff, say hello to Erik and Peter. These guys are two of the world's most known Sneaker heads after collaborations with adidas, Puma and New Balance. Even though sneakers are top priority here, they also carry a lot of good stuff to dress up in, there amongst Denim Demon jeans of course. You can find the latest news on their blog.

21 April 2011

Our friends on the web.

Introducing today Hanon, a shop runned by the two brothers Toft. Two great guys, even though we sometime can find it a bit hard to understand their Scottish accent, haha! These guys have a really selective and impressive brand selection, so if you want to find the latest collaboration or a new pair of jeans this is where to look. Denim Demon jeans, adidas, nike or Arcteryx Veilance, you can find it all!

20 April 2011

Our friends on the web.

Would like to take this opportunity to introduce our on-line friends. Starting today with Zoovillage, a web-shop opened in 1998, and one of the first in Sweden. Zoovillage have one of the web's most diverse selections and there's not a lot you cannot find here. Take a look and find your new pair of Denim Demon jeans here.

19 April 2011

DeeCee Style.

Our friends over at DeeCee Style in Zurich are celebrating Hanami in the end of April. This year they also release a new t-shirt in order to support and show their love to Japan and the difficulties they are experiencing. If you are close, make sure not to miss out on this. And get your self a t-shirt!

31 March 2011


We have just opened up our first own shop, where you can find your favourite Denim Demon jeans pieces. By doing our own shop we are able to offer a wider selection of Denim Demon products, which we hope you will enjoy. As we just some weeks ago released our Spring-11 collection its fully packed with news. Follow the link to check it out yourself! Denim Demon jeans.

20 March 2011

Wedding pants.

Just wanted to share these, the pair of jeans I got married in 18 months ago. I've been wearing them more or less every day since then. Pics are after first contact with water, apart from rain, beer and what's not, as I gave them the first wash a couple of days ago. Looking good if you ask me.

07 February 2011

A couple of faces from our showroom.

As we're in the middle of selling season, here's some faces from Sweden that's been visiting our showroom.

26 January 2011


This is something we are extremely proud of. Take a look at this handicraft. Amazing pieces. Available this Fall-2011. Kero x Denim Demon jeans

25 January 2011


Just back from a great week in Berlin. We've had the best show ever, with a loads of new clients in. I would like to thank Oli Saunders, the director of SEEK, who've done an amazing job with the space he has. All the important accounts, all the good press, everyone came and everyone only had great things to say about our collection.
2011 will be the year of the Denim Demon, that's for sure. Would like to say thank you to all of our new and old friends as well: Orlando, Holly, Mark, Don, Marc, Frederik, Ed, Brian, Peter, Andreas, Per, Thomas, Matt, Adrian, Zeeshan, Anton... the list is too long. Also, to all of our friends we unfortunately didn't have the time to meet due to hard work: See you next year! Especially Jeremy.

Here's a little Sneak preview of what's coming. Looks very strong.

09 January 2011

Denim & Beats

Lilldavid has posted some pics on his well worn AAJJA JAPAN'S, check them out on his blog Denim & Beats. Do we need to say they look fantastic?

02 January 2011

The Elvis Burger.

Stopped in Indian Lake the other day for lunch, just had to try the Elvis burger.
Containing Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Peanut butter.