31 August 2010

Sneak Peek.

This is something exciting that should be available and out in shops later this Autumn. We cannot show too much, but stay tuned.

30 August 2010

28 August 2010

Today's he's getting married!

My dear and beloved brother (Denim Demon jeans designer) Anton is getting married today. I would like to take this oppurtunity to say Congratulations on your big day! And of course Congratulations to his wife Karin, welcome to the family!

27 August 2010

Tim Burgess

Is a fan of Denim Demon. This is pictures from the siging tent at the V-festival in Staffordshire.

Photos: Ben Cannon and Hugo May, courtesy of nme.com.

26 August 2010

Our relative Ewald.

Ewald was here the other day, he needed to update his denim. This is a pair we gave him in the beginning of Project Ware Outs, he wasn't actually a part of the project, but since we knew he could be good for the future he got a pair anyway. And I must say he did a good job! What do you think?

23 August 2010

Mr Mudd Mr Gold

Would like to take this moment to congratulate our friends Adam and Mikko, at Mr Mudd and Mr Gold, who won the prestige price Retailer of the year. Swedish fashion magazine Café decides each year winners in different categories, and this is well deserved for MMandMG! If you haven't been there, go!

21 August 2010


A couple of days ago we had the pleasure of a quick meeting with Sneakersnstuff. Peter, Erik and Charlie came in and placed orders for SS11. Peter had quit with sugar, carbs and food, so he could only drink water from the tap. Luckily Sweden is in top of the purest water in the world, so he won't be sick at least.
Anyway, even though it went fast, its always a pleasure. Thank you boys and girls for dropping by, see you soon!

Gone fishin'

A nice afternoon/evening for some fishing in lake Mälaren

On our way to the best perch spot (secret of course)

Almost there

Choosing fishing lures

First throw..

..and some action straight away

This time it was a pike and not what we came for so this one went back to the sea

Here's the first perch of the evening and the lunch for tomorrow

When the sun started to go down the mosquitoes started to wake up so it was time to go back home

On our way back with a bucket filled with fish

After a couple of hours on the sea we had a well deserved pit stop at Talluddens sjökrog

20 August 2010


The other day we had Martin in from Footish. Usually our good friend Johan attends our meetings too, but he just became a dad, so he had pretty good reasons not to join us. Congratulations to Johan and his family! Thank you Martin for coming!

19 August 2010

Anders and Red Wing.

Anders from Denmark, the Red Wing-man, is in the house for a couple of days showing the collection to some Swedish accounts. You are welcome Anders, its a pleasure having you.

18 August 2010


Had Peter, from the lovely shop Meadow, in the other day! He enjoyed the great collection for Spring-11 and a nice cold drink. Thanks Peter for a great time!

17 August 2010

Buustamon in Åre.

Last year in late September me and my wife got married in a village called Åre.
Åre is situated around a 7 hour drive from Stockholm, up north. Its Sweden's biggest ski resort during winter, but its even nicer during Spring, Summer or Autumn, as the amount of tourists is way less than Winter. The reason we decided to get married there is because we wanted our wedding to be a little adventure for both us and our guests, and since my father is born and raised in the county of Jämtland it seemed apropriate to go back to the roots. Jämtland is lovley during Autumn, and our wedding weekend was excactly as good as it could be.
One of the reason the wedding became such a success was Buustamon, were both dinner and party was held. It's a very traditional and old fashioned place, with small but lovely rooms, a beautiful view and super-friendly staff. The food was absolutely amazing, and it was like staying at an old friends house. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we had a brilliant time. So if you want to visit a very Swedish place, and experience Sweden at its best, go to Åre and stay at Buustamons Fjällgård.