18 July 2008

Sane Communications and Denim Demon in Berlin.

Just spent the first 24 hours in Berlin during fashion week. Been hanging out with Jay and Shane from Burg & Schild, Roger from VMC and Eric, Steve & Pierre from Sane. Had a brilliant time last night with dinner at Grill Royal (suppose to be the hottest place in Berlin at the moment) and then party at 14 oz. Today we have enjoyed another good dinner at Pan Asia, always so good!

A few pics...


country wide home loans said...
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blueblood said...

got a small question: will there be a dd-jeans-jacket anytime ?

cheers and enjoy berlin an say "Hoi" to Roger from VMC.



Denim Demon said...

Yes sir, it will.
This fall we are releasing a sack coat DD-jkt. If I may say so myself, it is so nice.

Roger. What a guy! Amazing.

blueblood said...

okay i see.
cool guy, cool store ;-)

blueblood said...

will VMC have DD in stock ?

Denim Demon said...

Yes, they will. It will be introduced Spring-09.

Temira said...

Good words.

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