29 April 2009

Our family in the UK

Just back from spending the weekend together with our family in the UK, Mr and Mrs Monaghan. Meet Steve and Sue, a lovely couple, pr pro's and great host's. Make sure to check out Sane and their work. They are just fab!

20 April 2009

Today in the Swedish morning paper City there is a little feature on our Project Ware Outs, if you are resident in Sweden and haven't picked up your issue yet I would say you have about 8 more hours to do so.
Have a look at
to see more. Photo: Jimmy Gustafsson

12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter folks. Some parts of the Denim Demon family have spent the weekend on the countryside. The sun's been shining for three days and it's been so relaxing. One can need that sometimes, just get away for a few days.