04 July 2008

Nils-Ove Gustavsson

Name: Nils-Ove Gustafsson
Age: 50
Profession: Craft teacher, janitor and handicraft (duodji) supervisor
Family: Single
Interests: Handicraft, hunting, bicycle and watching sports
Live: Snåsa

After our stop in Jänsmässhomen we went over the border to Norway and Snåsa to meet Nils-Ove. He is really good on duodji (sami handicraft) and showed us his home made bow and some amazing knifes made out of reindeer antlers, you can see them all in a previous post. For the evening Nils-Ove made us some delicious toasts and then we stayed over the night in his house. The next morning he tried to put on his working pants but we got him to change into the Denim Demons instead. So in 2-3 weeks we will see if he has used them everyday as promised!

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Tretton said...

Gud så trevligt!