11 July 2008

Per-Åke Niia

Name: Per-Åke Niia
Age: 40
Profession: Reindeer herder
Interests: His family and spending time in the car between school, kindergarten and football practice
Live: Älvsbyn

The 7th and last person out is Per-Åke from Älvsbyn, and when we should meet him he had moved 450km up north to Abisko and was just on his way up to the mountains for some calves marking. It's maybe hard to see on this picture but he was laughing all the time and seemed like a very positive person. We managed to get 30 minutes with him to get the photos and prepare his jeans before he put his family in a helicopter and himself on his ATV and heading up fells.


ylva pavval said...

snygga jeans och snygg blogg! en grej bara: "reindeer herder" är nog bättre att använda än "reindeer herd". jag följer testpiloterna med spänning. :)

Denim Demon said...

Hej Ylva, tack för berömmet och hjälpen! Har ändrat till herder nu.