31 March 2009

New Moscow

Last Sunday I was on New Moscow's release party for their album 'Slow Down' on Mosebacke in Stockholm. It was a great gig and it was a long time ago I saw a band this well dressed, perhaps the best looking artists since Elvis comeback 1968. Just look at the shirts...

29 March 2009

Happy birthday

Last thursday on the 26th of March Sneakersnstuff celebrated their 10th birthday. But it was yesterday they had their birthday party (with lots of artists, irons and alcohol) for the elder at Kägelbanan and today another party (but with cake, 7 different cookies and a fish pond) for the youngsters in their store. Congrats from Denim Demon!

Dimman prefers cristal

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27 March 2009


Skumberg är här!

Tonight is the night

It has come to that time of month again, when the Olsson brothers is attending Folkbaren in Sthlm to play our favorite tunes. We have André in the bar, free shots for early people and a lot of nice songs to offer you. So if in Sthlm make sure to drop by Folkbaren tonight! Starts at 8 pm.

23 March 2009

Burg & Schild

Our friends over at Burg & Schild in Berlin have started a new blog, check it out here. This is a really nice store with carefully selected brands, a must to visit when in Berlin.

17 March 2009

Mielke Flannel

This is the shirt Fredrik from Sivletto wears in the previous post. Checked pattern exclusive for Denim Demon in the south Sami colors red, green and blue. Inspired by the shawl you wear together with the kolt, available in stores now.

The 3 colors stands for:
Plants/nature - the land of Sapmi is vital for the Sami's survival.
The water that is a life elixir.

The fire - stands for warmth and love.

11 March 2009


Our friends over at Sivletto looking really good in their new shirts. Absolutely amazing!

10 March 2009

Mielke Worker

Now the collection for SS09 is available in stores, check out this blog where we will present it. First out is the Mielke worker, a classic workwear shirt in hickory stripe. Reindeer antler button on top, 2 pieced front and back and with the 3 lower buttons hidden. Washed down for that soft vintage feeling.

03 March 2009

Thank you all that came last Friday. Please note that we are aiming to play at Folkbaren the last Friday every month, so you can fill in your calendars right away.