29 January 2009

And a huge thank you to

The great master Sebastian Skarp

Our PR-pro Magrina Kovac

Two good friends from Jänsmässholmen, JanÅke and Piere

And of course our princess Jonna

Together with the one and only Mr Carboni

We could not have done this without you.

Oskar, Anton, Kjellåke and Patric

The Exhibition

was so good!!!

If you weren't there, you definitely missed something. And to you who attended, thank you very much! This was the first Denim Demon event, but not the last.

A few pics:

27 January 2009

Don't miss the opportunity...

...to meet:

Jonna Blind

Per-Henrik Bergkvist

JanÅke Johnsson

All of them will be at Lilla Baren, Riche tomorrow wednesday from 18:00
Stop by and say hello if you are in Stockholm.

22 January 2009

Grandfather Olle

On our way to our old hoods again. This time the reason isn't as fun as the last two trips...
Our beloved grandfather Olle have passed away after 88 years. Got the message the day before new year's, and even though it didn't come as a chock, it's of course sad. We are on our way to take a last good bye...

20 January 2009

Challenge defender

The only one in our family who going pulka is Charlie, she's not very fast yet but practice a lot. She even scraped her face trying to beat your record, and I think she will this afternoon.

18 January 2009


I spent new years in Sälen, and what I did most was going with the pulka. They had a world cup-course for pulka that was really good. Fast, not very dangerous (but still just a little) and empty.

This is a challenge directed to my brother, Anton, who is in Sälen as we speak. Anton, you need to go to this Pulka-hill and race just as we do. And see how fast your going. We were there three or four times and actually became pretty fast, so let's see what you can do!

Anton, let's see some pictures from the Pulka-backe!




12 January 2009

A little teaser

A little teaser on Jan-Olof's pair of Aajja's. This is the pair that he's been wearing daily for the last six months. The only time they've been of, except sleep, is a couple of hours this summer when it was too hot, and he wore shorts in the garden. But he told us the first thing he did getting back in was to put them on again. That's what I call dedication!
Thank you Jan-Olof for your help! We really appreciate it a lot.

If you want to take a closer look on these together with the other six pairs, I strongly recommend you to come down to Riche and Lilla Baren on Wednesday January 28. We will show a lot of pictures and of course the actual pair of jeans worn in Sapmí the last half year. And hopefully you will get to meet a few of the faces behind the project.

05 January 2009


In yesterdays edition of Dagens Nyheter (one of Swedens biggest newspapers) there was a great article about the 2 reindeer herders Daniel Andersson and Per-Henrik Bergkvist. If you didn't had the chance to read it you can follow this link to get it on their webpage instead.

03 January 2009

Preview of the jeans

No post this year yet, sorry for that. But here is a preview of some of the jeans that our Sami friends has worn for the last 6 months. Soon we will post some better pics of their fadings and also some news of a exhibition we will have in Stockholm in January.

Per-Henrik with his knives and tool used for marking the calves ears

Per-Åke with his what we call in Sweden "Foppa-tofflor"
(named after the famous hockey-player Peter Forsberg)

Per Guttorm and his belt and knife

JanÅke with his knife (it's huge!) and a lasso