26 June 2007


Yesterday we visited Örjan in his new office, a little more central location than before. We brought our new wash sample in Aajja and Örjan showed off his new sunglasses. He was very proud!

24 June 2007

Family dinner in Stäket.

We had grilled arctic char Aahka style, a swedish sami style recipe.

21 June 2007

Solo Westermalm

We also dropped by Solo and said hi to the Cheese, he's the creator of this beautiful Denim Demon wall and table. He's confused though, his friend Mackan's bike is gone and, accordingly to the owner, the Cheese is responsable. And the Cheese has no idea on where it could be. If you have any information regarding this, please contact him on cheese@hotmail.com

Solo Westermalm

David the photographer

Denim Demon photo shoot

Today we visited David at Rebel for a dirty smelly photo shoot. As well as he shot us and our denims we just had to take a few on him as well. Cheers David!

19 June 2007

Road trip

Took a little road trip and found these on a fella outside Dragon gate. Also a fine piece!

18 June 2007

03 June 2007

We had a little party...

And we gathered all Denim Demon fans at the party. Turned out to be a few...