28 November 2007

For you in or near Gothenburg, Sweden, this up coming event could be of interest.

11 November 2007

Aajja, Aahka and Sarves went out for chinese the other day... Sarves is behind the camera...

05 November 2007

a little walk on the town yesterday, had to take this picture... Aajja well represented.

19 October 2007


Handsome Björn at Sns performing some hardcore male craftsmanship in a pair of Aajja. Looking good...

02 October 2007


Just got the news, Niejte is produced and ready for shipping. If all goes well you will find it in stores in about two weeks. Don't miss out on being the first to wear these beauties!

28 September 2007

26 September 2007

Denim Demons

We have just finished the sell-in for spring/summer-08 and things went really well. Here's some pics from the upcoming collection.

04 September 2007

a perfect riddarpage (knight-page)

Denim Demon, for that perfect fit.

on our way home...


Blue Steel

Mr B and Brad performing martial arts in New York.

Mr B's girlfriend with the Denim Demon's, on our way to Erik's going away party.

Mr Digital and Erik having some meat.

Brad Digital (artist/designer/party-man/original) and Anton hangin' out at BBQ's with a couple of small ass margeritas...

saw this guy in New York, had to give him 9 bucks for being extremely honest.

Evert's nice ass in a pair of nice denims...

Evert (adidas) and Jenna in Vegas, the coolest couple ever.

03 September 2007

Eriks going away party

We met this guy Brad Digital at Alifes Rivington club yesterday, 3 phonecalls and 5 minutes later he had set up a going away party for Erik. Totally awesome dude! Apparently he likes to party. If in New York, make sure to drop by!

28 August 2007

Vegas baby!

What a sick city! Only at our hotel (MGM) we have MC Donalds, a total amount of 3 Starbucks coffee, half a million slot machines, a whole lot of people and so on and so on...

On our way down to the pool fpr breakfast and a swim, and then out to Magic and Project.

08 August 2007