08 July 2008

Jonna Blind

Name: Jonna Blind
Age: 19
Profession: Seasonal worker as a ski lift guard, ski rental, bartender and waitress
Family: Live at home with mom, dad, brother and 2 dogs
Interests: Be outside in the nature, hanging out with old friends and make new ones, be creative, languages, movies and music.
Live: Klimpfjäll

After our visit to Norway it was time to get back to Sweden to meet our 4th test-pilot and only girl, Jonna from Klimpfjäll. There we had a coffee break togheter with her and her parents while her brother was on a comfirmation camp in Jäckvik, we'll come back to that later. We already know that Jonna's jeans have been worn when she was marking reindeer calves and had a visit from a common shrew baby (in swedish Näbbmusunge), so we really look forward to see the first pictures of these.


Anonymous said...

Hej Jonna! Om du fortfarande är intresserad av introduktionskursen i nordsamiska är du välkommen att ringa mig på samiska 090-786 6326. Jag kan skicka dig information om kursen. Det var vår administratör som sade att du hade hört av dig i juli.
Hälsningar/ Hanna Outakoski

Anonymous said...

God damn she's hot