27 August 2008


Jonna, one of our friends up north has put together a clip running on You Tube. Enjoy Jonna riding her 4-wheel motorbike. Of course in customized Denim Demon's...

26 August 2008

JanÅke 2 months

Now it's time to see how the jeans look like after 2 months and first out is JanÅke, our man in Jänsmässholmen, who's starting to be a real celebrity after allvhis radio and TV interviews. And his denim are looking really, really good already:

Working extra at the local hotel, here he's steaming up the outdoor bath barrel.

The new collection

The new AW08-collection is now in stores. Visit your local dealer to find your new pair of favorite jeans! Make sure to check out Juvvie, a new fit, loose with the always adorable cinch-back. And our new wash Bengt-Erik could be one of the best washes ever! Available both for men and women.

20 August 2008


Yesterday we attended the opening night of Kautokeino revolt (unsure if that's going to be the title of the movie). A nice event arranged by www.iknowasami.se together with www.samer.se, they served the guests delicious reindeer products and champagne. The movie is a dark story from the past (approx 150 years ago) and takes place in Norway. This is based on a true story about a Swedish salesman that opens up a food market and a bar in a small village up north, the Sami people can't handle it since alcohol is new to them, and they don't even know they get addicted. I can recommend everyone to go see this movie, this is not something unique for Sami people and Scandinavia, this is something that happens daily in our world.
After the movie we where involved in a discussion regarding Sami design and culture and how we can tell other people about it. Overall it was a great evening with great people!

18 August 2008


Was up on a quick visit to Stensjön to get interviewed for swedish television together with JanÅke and Per-Henrik. Last time it was sun and 25 degrees and today 8 degrees and rain, but it was nice anyway. Took the opportunity to take some photos of Per-Henriks jeans after 1,5 months of wear and they look promising!

JanÅke, Per-Henrik and the journalist Johanna.

13 August 2008

Article on Båko.se

They have posted an article about Denim Demon on the swedish site Båko, follow the link to read it:


Only available on swedish!

11 August 2008

Wedding denim

Was on a very nice wedding this weekend, and we all spent the night so the day after when everyone got out of their suits I saw some really good looking denim. Here is a few pics and I try to put up some more tomorrow:

03 August 2008

Per Guttorm's jeans

Per Guttorm's jeans, it will be interesting to see how these will look after 5 more months: