29 October 2008

Rinse wash

Here we have JanÅke's jeans again, this time after the well needed rinse because they looked a bit dirty after the elk hunt. It's amazing that they look so worn out after only 4 months but we know they have worked hard. Hopefully they're still in one piece when we go there and get them back.

I think they look fantastic.

27 October 2008


Now it's time again to see how the jeans look like. They have been worn for about 4 months now and have 2 more to go before we'll go up and collect them. Here is deacon Jan-Olof's jeans hanging out to get some fresh air and I really like how the differences between the jeans are turning out, if you compare this ones with JanÅke's in a previous post for example. It's gonna be great when we can see all this in real life and look at them together.

20 October 2008

JanÅke's elk hunt

Got some new pics from JanÅke yesterday after he had been out all day hunting for elk and as you can see a job well done. He also asked me if he could rinse his jeans and when I saw the pictures I understood what he meant. These jeans will be absolutely amazing and I really look forward to see these in real life in about 2 months time.

15 October 2008


Here you can see when JanÅke is out picking up moss, used to feed the reindeers when they're moving. If I didn't misunderstand him they had picked around 3500kg which sounds pretty much. As you can see below the jeans are on as well!

But I've heard rumours that they need a good soak soon to let go of some smell...

10 October 2008

Berlin here we come.

Tomorrow me and Anton are travelling to Berlin for Burg & Schild's anniversary party. With us we are carrying 33 pairs of Sarves 2.1 especially made for the guys at B & S, these are really nice and comes in a special printed canvas bag.

Looking forward to a nice evening with nice people in one of the best denim stores around. If you are in town, make sure to stop by Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 3.

06 October 2008

Here we have a picture that shows 3 of our testpilots jeans, it's JanÅke, Nils-Ove and Per-Henrik that have met and compared there fadings. It's really nice that you already can see so big differences in tone and wear.

05 October 2008

A little pottering

Earlier this week we had a little pottering-night, we are about to launch a little something together with the best denim store in Berlin, Burg & Schild. So if you are around Berlin-Mitte this coming weekend, make sure to stop by Rosa-Luxemburg strasse 3 to check it out. Release is Sunday October 12. Rumors say that there will be a little party too.

04 October 2008

Jan-Olof Ellebrink

Next up is our deacon Jan-Olof, and even though he hasn't work with calves marking, slaughter (that I know about...) etc his jeans looks really well worn and with a nice fading. I do know that he likes them a lot and wears them everyday. Nice work!

02 October 2008

Jonna Blind

Jonna's jeans after 3 months, it's hard to see the color of these because of the cellphone camera but the fadings looks good! Very well worn and I think these will be very nice when we go and pick them up in December.