31 March 2010

Happy customer.

Got this picture from Fredrik at Sivletto today. A happy client with his brand new Aajja Japan. Hope you will take good care of them! Thank you.

What a ride.

Amazing car.

21 March 2010

London Heathrow

On my way to Hong Kong at the moment, due to British Airways strike I had to leave Stockholm a lot earlier than planned.
Transfer time at Heathrow became 8 hours instead of more managable 3. Luckily there's a lot of football on the telly, which of course helps, together with this, this and this. But I am looking forward getting in my seat in a lot of hours, and take off... I am looking at a 12 hour flight though, so what I am really looking forward too is arrive.

See you in Hong Kong!

20 March 2010

Galliano Hot Shot

I have just made the best Hot Shot, the greatest mix ever. And a good combo all together, nice shot glasses, perfect amount of Galliano, did it with an espresso actually but it worked good.
My brother in law Hakan is moving to Canada next week, so I had to give him a good treat.

Maartin trying on my Näbbisar.

From Kero.

Daniel Lindström at SVT

Cafés fashion editor Daniel Lindström and Karolina Skande (Rodeo) talking about jeans in SVT, 6:25 into the program he shows a really fine pair. Check it out!

17 March 2010

Petter dropped by yesterday.

He needed some jeans for his upcoming pr work for his new album.

12 March 2010

Chief Executive Hovding.

Today we want to celebrate our beloved father as well as Chief Maestro Hovding, Kjellåke. He's turning 65 today, but doesn't look a year older than 40.

11 March 2010

Three by one

A couple of weeks ago a new shop opened in Stockholm, Three by One. A nice store at Jakobs Torg offering brands such as Mr Freedom, Nudie, Levi's XX and of course Denim Demon. Make sure to pay a visit!
Pictures from their opening party.

09 March 2010

Paparazzi on our new fit Njaltja

Looking good ha'!?

Happy guys at NK Denim, Gothenburg.

Last week I visited NK in Gothenburg, and met these two happy fellows! Really good guys. Had a brilliant day, thanks.

08 March 2010

The Reference Council

Talked about the reference council before, and will continue with that. This time it's a really interesting piece of the classic and popular football club St. Pauli. Check it out here.

03 March 2010

VMC Zürich

Just spent a good day in Zürich with the lovely team from VMC. These people are super friendly and they run one (if not THE) best denim shops in the World. VMC's been around since 1986, and all interior are still original. It's like walking around in a museum. The only difference is that 95% of everything you look at is for sale. Could easily have spent a fortune in there today.
So when in Zürich, make sure you stop by and say hello to Roger, Fredy, Simona and all the others. But make sure to bring loads of cash...