10 July 2008

Per Guttorm Kuhmunen

Name: Per Guttorm Kuhmunen
Age: 22
Profession: Reindeer herder
Family: Single
Interests: Chilling out
Live: Saltfjell

The road between Jäckvik and Inhavet was the most beautiful road we've ever drove, amazing nature with big mountains, fjords, waterfalls and kilometer long tunnels. We got to Inhavet around 6 and had a couple of hours sleep in the car before it was time to meet Per Guttorm. Togheter with him and a norwegian journalist who made a program about him (you can read an article here, http://www.nrk.no/kanal/nrk_sami_radio/1.6126115) we had some breakfast before going to his cabin so he could try out his jeans. We didn't get any good answer why he was so well-known but we hope it is becasue he's great at wear out jeans!

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