31 July 2008

Per Guttorm day 35

Soon we will post pictures of Per Guttorms jeans, and they look incredible! He mailed us some pictures what he has been up to while wearing them and I can understand why they already are pretty faded and worn out...

Looks like he was lucky with the weather!

29 July 2008

Jan-Olof day 33

#4 is Jan-Olof from Dorotea. He told us he had used his jeans both with his Kolt (the traditional Sami costume) and also when out riding his motorcycle. With this he fell a couple of days ago and his motorcycle clothing ripped but the jeans is still in one piece!

28 July 2008

Happy Birthday

Today we want to sing happy birthday to JanÅke! We hope that you've had a nice day.

//Denim Demon

26 July 2008

Jonna day 31

We continue with the pictures from our friends up north. Here is Jonna's jeans after one month of hard wear, much ATV, reindeer marking and of course the common shrew baby that visited her pocket:

25 July 2008

Gone fishing

Headed up to Stensjön for a short holiday and to go fishing and enjoy the fresh air. Hooked up with JanÅke to check out his fadings and then he took us out on a amazing trip up to the fells for some fishing. He showed us some great places and we got lots of trout, amazing weather and a great day.

Thanks a lot JanÅke!

Will be back soon with pictures of Jonna's jeans after her first months wear.

23 July 2008

Per-Åke on day 29

Second one out is Per-Åke from Älvsbyn, he said he use to spend lots of his time in the car but if you look at his jeans after 4 weeks it's hard to belive:

21 July 2008

JanÅke day 28

Now it is time to check out the first fadings! JanÅke mailed us pictures of his jeans after 28 days of marking calves, riding motocross and trips up fells. I must say it looks like these has potential to get really nice:

18 July 2008


We wanna say congratulations to Jonna today, who's turning 19.
Happy birthday Jonna, we hope you had a great birthday!

//Denim Demon

Sane Communications and Denim Demon in Berlin.

Just spent the first 24 hours in Berlin during fashion week. Been hanging out with Jay and Shane from Burg & Schild, Roger from VMC and Eric, Steve & Pierre from Sane. Had a brilliant time last night with dinner at Grill Royal (suppose to be the hottest place in Berlin at the moment) and then party at 14 oz. Today we have enjoyed another good dinner at Pan Asia, always so good!

A few pics...

2 weeks use

Got a hint of Per-Åke's jeans after the first 2 weeks, it's from his cellphone but you can see that it already looks promising. Next week we will see better pictures after the first month.

More pics from JanÅke

Here is more pics from JanÅke when they marked the calves.

15 July 2008

Sarves wash

Here they are after a first wash in 40°C, they turned out pretty good I think the only bad part was that they shrunk one size in the waist. But after some running and stretching out I think they will fit just fine again...

13 July 2008


While we wait for the first pictures from the Sapmi tour, here is a pair of Sarves used for 6 months and handwashed 3 times. Will put them in the machine soon and get back with more pictures after that.

11 July 2008

Per-Åke Niia

Name: Per-Åke Niia
Age: 40
Profession: Reindeer herder
Interests: His family and spending time in the car between school, kindergarten and football practice
Live: Älvsbyn

The 7th and last person out is Per-Åke from Älvsbyn, and when we should meet him he had moved 450km up north to Abisko and was just on his way up to the mountains for some calves marking. It's maybe hard to see on this picture but he was laughing all the time and seemed like a very positive person. We managed to get 30 minutes with him to get the photos and prepare his jeans before he put his family in a helicopter and himself on his ATV and heading up fells.

Marking the calves

Our friend JanÅke has mailed us some pictures when he and Per-Henrik was out marking the reindeer calves. Looks like the jeans have worked really hard the last 2 weeks and now we're really looking forward to see how this will end after 6 months.

Per-Henrik taking it easy for a while. Looks like he has worked pretty hard.

They seems popular for the wild life as well. Gonna be interesting to see the mosquito fadings.

JanÅke looking for the reindeers.

The reindeers collected before the marking begins.

The jeans gets some well deserved rest after the first 2 weeks.