26 February 2009

Great stuff

Denim Demon is now available at Caliroots newly opened Denim shop in shop, we are happy to be one of the nice brands available there. Go have a look at LVC, Edwin, Pace and of course Denim Demon.
These guys have been good friends since years back, and it's nice to finally be able to work together again.

24 February 2009

Vox Crew in Gothenburg

Vox Crew, Oskar and Finn visiting Gothenburg. Thank you Peter at Ish for the photo.

18 February 2009

Magic, Las Vegas

Here's some pictures we got from Finn in Las Vegas. It's the first of three days of the Magic fair, the booth looks amazing and Finn looks happy! Say hello from us if you meet him.

14 February 2009


Our good friends at Sneakersnstuff are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. Because of that, they have some extra ordinary products dropping throughout the whole of 2009. Make sure to check out http://www.sns10years.com/ each day, so you won't miss anything.

They are also one of our best retailers with a wide range of Denim Demon products. To see what they offer, click here.

12 February 2009

Las Vegas

If you are close to Las Vegas between February 17 and 19, make sure to drop by Magic. Denim Demon will be showing for the first time on non European ground. We will be situated in the area called Premium at Magic.
If you are attending, make sure to drop by the booth and say hello to our good friend and partner Finn, talk a little about denim, Sami culture and native's. Look for pictures on reindeer's and fells.

10 February 2009


After a long time of e-mailing back and forth, our friend Nick at Selectism have posted the interview. Click here to read it.

09 February 2009

Swedish paper Metro with suggestions on how to celebrate the National day.

Last Friday it was, as you know, the National day for us Sami's. The Swedish version of daily paper Metro gave us some suggestions, together with a scheduled tour on town, on how to celebrate this the best way.

1. Start at the City Hall at 8:40 am where the Sami flag will be hoist.

2. Move on to Skansen and the Sami village, listen to Jojk and eat a good Reindeer Soup.

3. Have a massage at Sturebadet (swimming hall) in the Sami cottage.

4. Warm and soft after the massage you go to either NK or Solo and buy yourself a Sami designed jeans from Denim Demon.

5. After that you go directly to Åhlens where you pick up the new cd from Sofia Jannok, who sings Jazz-inspired Jojk.

So there you go, a few days too late, but at least next year you know excactly how to do it.


Here's an interview from our Sami exhibition on Riche.

06 February 2009

The National Day

Today is The Sami National Day, celebrated in memory of the first Sami Congress in Trondheim 1917. If you are in Stockholm we'll celebrate on Skansen until Sunday.