29 September 2010


We have just recently updated our Website. Everything is not in place yet, still images left to upload for the new AW10-collection, but a lot of new stuff anyway. Check out our images, photgraphed by the brilliant photographer Jens Andersson.


28 September 2010

Veckans affärer.

Läs veckans Veckans affärer. Bra om tre bra svenska jeansmärken.

27 September 2010

Mats Rubarth

Mats Rubarth just dropped by with the brand new EP, Kings, Queens and Guillotines, from his band Casablanca. Already a favorite here at the office. Check them out here. Thank you Mats, always a pleasure seeing you.

23 September 2010


Imorgon fredag mellan 16 och 20, samt lördag mellan 11 och 15 så kör vi utförsäljning av gamla prover samt lager. Grymt bra priser utlovas. Varmt välkomna, ta gärna med en vän. Har ni tur kan det finnas en öl eller två också...

18 September 2010


The Swedish mega star rapper Petter have just released a new video on the song U & Me. He's currently on tour in Norway, if you haven't got the chance to go see him there check this out.

15 September 2010

Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik

Yesterday we attended when they recorded the new season of the swedish TV-show Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik. Couldn't miss the good looking clothes one in the staff was wearing, Mielke Flannel and a pair of Aahka Raw.

13 September 2010


If you want to follow Denim Demon jeans on Twitter, you are more than welcome. Follow the link.

12 September 2010

Steve Monaghan's write up on Selectism.

Steve Monaghan, the famous writer in his own column at Selectism, wrote this about us just recently.
"Its been a tough regime of intense travelling and pushing themselves to the limits as they seek to traverse the globe in the name of sourcing fabrics, ideas and inspiration from the planet. As both strict and loyal devotees to their inherent Sami heritage, the brothers demon continue to pay a detailed homage to the colours and craftsmanship of their nomadic forefathers. Its safe to say that the ‘exercise’ has been well worth it, as proven below in the images. Hard work and passion is paying off, as the Demons go the extra mile and thus beyond just denim."

Read the full story here.

03 September 2010

Tim Burgess, again.

Tim Burgess seems to be a huge fan of the Traajja Sweater, this is during a live session with BBC Radio2. We like Tim, we are glad he likes his sweater.

02 September 2010

Hong Kong

After a hectic weekend it was time for a Hong Kong trip to start up the autumn/winter 2011 collection. Awful weather with smog, clouds, fog, typhoons, 35 degrees and long days of working but still super fun and the collection will look great when it's done!