25 December 2009

A warm welcome to mr Pierre Darnton

We would like to give a warm welcome to Pierre Darnton on board Denim Demon, Pierre have earlier worked with Atelier La Durance and G-star, just to mention a few. With his energy and experience we are ready to take Denim Demon to the next level. Let the work begin!

Pierre's in Tänndalen, Sweden, at the moment. Celebrating Christmas. This is a pic from yesterday.

More info on Pierre will follow shortly.

17 December 2009


It's really coming down here in Stockholm, got around 12-15 cm now, which is really rare. Kind of nice in a way, with christmas coming up and everything. Might have to bring my skies out...

16 November 2009

For your Dutch people.

This coming Friday, our good friends at Tenue de Nimes celebrate their one year anniversary. So for all you dutch people, or if you just happen to be in Amsterdam this day, make sure you drop by Tenue de Nimes on Elandsgracht 60. Have a beer and take a look at the amazing photo exhibition Underwater Indigo by Thomas Tukker.

Last week.

As mentioned before we had the Kangol family visiting Stockholm/Sweden. Denim Demon showed up good representation on both Mr Wilson and the Jens. We are of course very happy about this, so happy that we want to show it to the world.
We are also very impressed with Jens yoga skills, how do you do it?!

12 November 2009

Kangol Photo shoot.

As said before Team Kangol's in town. This is Henrik getting shot for the coming FW10 campaign.
Really looking forward seeing how things turn out! Perhaps you might be seeing some more familiar faces in it...

09 November 2009

Stockholm's unsafe...

I've heard that this guy's in town. Mr Wilson from Kangol is in Stockholm for their SS10 photoshoot.
Welcome David and Marcella!

28 October 2009


Nu på Fredag klockan 17.00 bjuder vår Hovfotograf Sebastian Skarp in till vernissage på Folkbaren, Hornsgatan 72 i Stockholm.
Sebastian visar upp sina favoriter från våra resor till Sapmí under 2008. Det kommer bjudas på såväl klassiker som nya, inte tidigare visade, bilder. Utställningen hänger sedan kvar till 31/12-2009.

Varmt välkomna!

11 October 2009

Jacket Jeansa

The denim jacket has arrived and will be available this week both in stores and online.

01 October 2009

Denim Demon

Denim Demon “Trajja Herk”

Check out the Traajja Herk at Selectism.com. Available any day now at SNS, Caliroots, Meadow, Zoovillage, Asos, 111Vox and Zlave. Also available at Ish in Kungälv.

18 September 2009

New collection

Now we have the new autumn/winter collection up on our website. Click here to check it out.

16 September 2009


Our website will be updated soon with new Autumn/Winter collection. A lot of new products of course, so we are happy and proud to soon be able to show you how it looks.

Stay tuned...

28 August 2009

Project Ware Outs

Number three from Project Ware Outs this Autumn will be Per Guttorm, our Norwegian guy who's especially popular among the women. Per Guttorm is a hard knock guy, in freezing cold he's been wearing our jeans only with long johns underneath. He's been riding a lot of motocross in these, which is visible on the inside of the legs.

23 August 2009


Visited a vintage store the other day, and found these beauties. Rare.

20 August 2009

Project Ware Outs

Number two, JanÅke, a really nice pair. JanÅke has been wearing his huge knife on the left hand side, which have created som really nice wear marks. Also available from November at selected accounts.

19 August 2009

Project Ware Outs

First pictures of Project Ware Outs. This is the first full picture of Per-Henriks jeans from the Project Ware Outs. Available at selected stores from November. E-mail for more info. info@denimdemon.se

15 August 2009

Filip & Fredrik are up to no good.

Right outside the studio. Sebastian performing magic and Fanta relaxing in the sofa.

13 August 2009

Gilmehte Jeansa

Gilmehte Jeansa - Frozen Jeans from Anothercompany on Vimeo.

A video from the exhibition Gilmehte Jeansa we had together with Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam. Big thanks to Bram for his excellent work with this.

More info on their website.

Burgers & Berns

Yesterday was the kick off of Stockholm Fashion Week, and the official opening party for Boutique Fräsh, Sweden's only Streetwear fair. After a couple of burgers at Streamcreek's casa on Västmannagatan we headed down to Berns. Crowded, excellent music and excellent people.

11 August 2009

A tip from our friend.

Got an e-mail from a friend, regarding the IAM 1 Journey, an exhibition celebrating Nike's iconic Air Max 1. So if you are in or around Stockholm between August 15 and 23, make sure to drop by Åsögatan 115. It will cost you nothing, but give you a lot. Collectors and fans will show there favorite pairs as well.
And after you visited the exhibition, make sure to drop by Sneakersnstuff as well, Åsögatan 124. It's more or less right across the street. Say Hi to Peter from us.

09 August 2009

In the archipelago.

Denim Demon enjoying the last days of sun. Just got a message from Dubai, that we are featured in a new magazine called Nox. If you get the chance, make sure to grab a copy.

06 August 2009

Sneak preview SS10

A little sneak preview on what's coming next season. I know it's better to show stuff available right now, but I just cant help myself from showing this. I love it! Good job Anton. Available from January 2010.

01 August 2009



Tonight at midnight, don't miss. Ewert is performing his annual speech. Will we be seeing him in the official Yran t-shirt?

And of course, do not miss the two brothers Denim Demon dj:ing at FOOD tonight. Were you can pick up your t-shirt as well.

28 July 2009

Get yours at Storsjöyran.

We are releasing a limited amount of t-shirts and sweats together with Storsjöyran and Viva la Klädbyte, available in Östersund this week. Make sure you visit Zlave as well, where you can find a good selection of jeans at a special price.