30 November 2008

Per-Henrik after rinse

The pics above was the last time we saw Per-Henrik's jeans. He worn them during the elk slaughter and after that he couldn't even have them in the car because of the smell. He had to rinse them and after that we haven't heard anything from him. But tonight we got the new pics and they look absolutely amazing. Still a bit dirty but the fadings and whiskers has come out stronger after the rinse, and do you recognize the carpet?

28 November 2008

Jan-Olof's last pictures

Here we have the final pics from Jan-Olof in Dorotea. They starts to look very nice and has a different blue tone that many of the others, closer to the original color, since they haven't been rinsed yet. Once again, it's gonna be super interesting to compare all the jeans to each other.

26 November 2008

Now we starting to get the last pics of the jeans, before we go and pick them up. Starting with JanÅke which has a really well worn pair of Aajja, looks pretty nice and clean after the slaughter mess. It gonna be very interesting to see them all again after 6 months of hard wear and compare them to each other.

25 November 2008

Check it out!

Make sure you go check out Johan Rundcrantz new blog at King Magazine. A lot of interesting stuff going on there!

Also make sure to visit King Magazines friend Café Magazine to check out Erik and Peter's blog. And why not mix and match a pair of DD's together with a nice pair of sneakers @ their excellent web shop?

19 November 2008

Winter wonderland

Here we have the finished enclosure and now the reindeers have moved in. The pictures is when JanÅke was there to feed them with the moss he picked up in a earlier post.

13 November 2008

It looks like the snow has come to Jänsmässholmen and here is some pictures when JanÅke is out building a enclosure for his reindeers. Soon it's time for him to put on some long underwear (yes, that is a correct translation) to keep the heat.

12 November 2008


Yesterday you could see JanÅke and Per-Henrik on swedish national news, Rapport at 18. For you that couldn't see it here it is on web-tv:


Shown on the 11th at 18:00

10 November 2008


The interview with Per-Henrik and JanÅke was showed last friday, and since I didn't get informed I missed it, but on this link you can see it online instead:


They haven't put it online on www.svt.se yet so that's why you get it with norwegian subtitles.

08 November 2008


Now when it's only one month left on the wear out project, we thought it could be fun to compare the jeans from day 1 until today. Here is JanÅke's well worn Aajja:

After 1 month. They got a tough start when they were marking the calves straight away, and of course when he was playing with Scott.

2 months. After carrying mud-stone and heating up the outdoor bath barrel at Hotell Holmen (Jänsmässholmen)
3 months. Now they have separate the reindeers and started the elk hunting season.
4 months. He has both hunted and slaughtered some elk and also collected moss, which they use to feed the reindeers when they're moving.
5 months. After a well deserved rinse wash after the elk business, now they start to look really amazing. Really well worn and it seems that JanÅke appreciate his snus as well.

Job well done!

07 November 2008

More from Per Guttorm

Got some more pics from Per Guttorm and this time with more focus on his jeans. Really worn and the first pair that needs to be repaired (picture #2), but thanks to his mum it looks really good. The honeycombs on these are amazing and as I've said before I really look forward to go and collect them back so I can see them in real life now.

06 November 2008

Per Guttorm up fells

Got some great pictures from Per Guttorm, you can't see the denim so well but who cares when the pics are so nice. Don't know if he looks for anything special but I think the view is enough to look at anyway.

But the jeans looks very good from what you can see!

05 November 2008

Per-Henrik before rinse

You saw these yesterday but here is two better pics of them. Really well worn and as you can see a bit messy after the elk hunt, looking great! Per-Henrik will rinse them any day now and I'll post some new photos as soon as I have them.

The interview on Oddasat will not be shown today, they think on friday or monday but when it's decided we'll let you know.

04 November 2008

JanÅke and Per-Henrik meets Oððasat

JanÅke and Per-Henrik went to Östersund today to get interviewed by Oððasat, which is Swedish televisions Sami news. This will be on SVT 2 tomorrow at 17.30 so be sure you don't miss it!

Per-Henrik is about to rinse his jeans after the elk hunt (remember how JanÅke's looked like?) but didn't have the time today so they are a bit dirty at the moment. So dirty that he couldn't wear them in the car...

03 November 2008

Jonna Blind

Here we have Jonna's jeans again, last time it was quite hard to see the actual color because of the cellphone camera but now we can see that they have a very nice dark blue color. It's also nice that we gonna have a completely different kind of fading on these because she wears them a lot more loose then our male friends.

I think they look very good.

02 November 2008

Per-Åke Niia

Here we got some new pics from Per-Åke and as you can see it starts to get a bit cold. That's why he have to wear thermopants but of course he has his Denim Demon's under. And if you look at the fading it seems to work fine anyway, looking really good!

Very nice picture of the reindeers as well.