23 March 2008

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf in NYC have just opened up. It's Abiri and his girlfriend Nina that's behind this beautiful store. Abiri is one of the coolest and friendliest guys I have ever met! Make sure you pop by and say hi next time in the big apple. I am definitely going soon...

Good luck Ab's!

13 March 2008

Nationaldagen x Födelsedagen

Disaster, we where so busy celebrating our father so we totally forgot about Republiken Jamtlands national day. One day too late we say a big congratulations to Republicen Jamtland on the big day. We celebrated this with Smörgåstårta and Easter must.

11 March 2008

The old man...

of Denim Demon is having his birthday tomorrow, feel free to send your congratulations to kjellake@denimdemon.se

Congratulations, and celebrations... Happy birthday Kjellåke!


Congratulations Örjan.

Super duper denim!

Superdenim has a brilliant offer at the moment, for every pair of Denim Demon bought you get a free t-shirt. So if you are about to update your closet, now is the time!

04 March 2008

Jonas Björkman and denim

Found this pic amongst my old ones, it's at Newark airport in September. Jonas Björkman and Tomas Johansson has just been humiliated in US Open's first round. This is three days later at the check-in desk for Business Class back to Sthlm. I spot Jonas there because of his terrible choice of denims. I have absolutely no idea what brand this is, but they look really really bad i m o.
The most funny part is when I pass them and Jonas says to Tomas: -I really think you should get yourself a pair of these jeans, they are so good! Tomas looks down on them and goes: -Oh really! I have to do that then!

The sum of all this is easy, the Swedish tennis players have absolutely no taste what so ever when it comes to clothing. They think that if it's expensive, it has to be good. And as we all know, money cannot buy style.