27 February 2010

At NK right now.

Come here and say hello to these lovely ladies! And why not get yourself a new pair of jeans at the same time!

25 February 2010


Our friend Peter from SNS needs a new micro as his old one recently died. He found one on the streets of NYC and decided to bring it back home.

Three by one

Another two friends opened their denim store today, also in Stockholm. Dennis and Jonas is two sweet guys we use to work with at Solo. So in just a couple of weeks Stockholm's been blessed with two new great shopping destinations.

As they had their opening party yesterday, we had to give them a little something for good luck:

And what would be better than a Hot Shot-kit!

24 February 2010

Mr Mudd and Mr Gold

Visited our friends Adam and Mikko today, at their lovely shop called Mr Mudd & Mr Gold. These boys offer a hand picked and unique selection to Swede's, something never seen before. Mostly Japanese brands such as Joe McKoy and Mr Freedom. If you're in town, make sure to drop by!

17 February 2010

Denim Demon AW10

It's been a while since we showed in Copenhagen, and that has it's natural reasons, maybe it isn't that strange. On my way there last week, thought about it, the first season we did a fashion fair was for Spring-08. With me I had 14 articles in total, 10 jeans in three styles and 4 t-shirts. I stood there and asked myself why Denim Demon wasn't the hottest thing at CPH Vision, why there was so few buying. We had something unique and new, something every shop in Scandinavia would want to carry.

Eight days ago, I sat in my car thinking about it, and then it suddenly came to me. This season, for AW10, is the first season we get the chance to actually show what Denim Demon is about. It's the first time we have a strong collection all together, really nice tops as well as bottoms. Everything is thought thru, from thread colors, stitches per inch, pockets, lining, fabrics, fits, washes... I could go on forever.

I am not saying we've done bad things earlier. A lot of the garments is still with us from the beginning, but we did one nice shirt, one nice t-shirt, one good jean and so on. But none of them really had anything to do with the other rather than the Denim Demon logo.

This time it's different. We have a nice collection that works good in its own company. We have always been proud of what we're doing, but this time it's different, Denim Demon jeans AW10 is by far the best collection we've done. Now it is time for us to start showing this to people in the rest of the world... We have come to the start of a new beginning, Denim Demon have something to say, something to show, something we are proud of. We want to show you what this is. And we will.

2010 is the first year on a long and happy journey for us, I can feel it. Please feel free to join in!

Here's some pictures from our weekend at Moshroom in Copenhagen. Would like to thank everybody who came and visited, everyone working for Moshroom and all of my friends at Moshroom. Thank you for a good weekend.

15 February 2010

Last pics from Flaine

Here is the last post from Flaine to wrap up the skiing trip. After this it will be about jeans again, come back soon for more info about project ware outs and the awaited Aajja Japans.

The final day was also the best day with blue sky and sun.

Here's Peter trying the Flaine powder.

The peak far right is the final spot for Flaine Freeride. The riders hiked up in 2-2,5 hours and then tried to impress the judges on the way down.

Joonas Karhumaa who won the qualification did a very impressing run in the finals as well. He was the crowd favorite afterwards and got rewarded with the bronze medal. I was super impressed by his reckless run and that he beat so many alpine riders on his telemark.

14 February 2010

Project Ware outs, part 2

We had a little work shop preparing the project ware outs before we could send it out to the stores. The whole family helped out so it was done in 1 night and the jeans should be available at your local dealer now.

Take a look in Per Guttorms left pocket for a left behind surprise.

09 February 2010

Road Trip

While Anton's been skiing and buying fabrics for SS11, as well as packing Ware Out jeans I am out on a road trip. It's been a long time since I was out on the roads, unfortunately. I have been missing this a lot!
Started really early yesterday morning in Stockholm, heading towards Linköping with a car fully packed. Still dark outside.

Arrived some minutes before 9 am, just in time, even though I struggled a little bit finding my way to Solo. Well on spot I did a small presentation on Denim Demon, just to freshen their minds a bit, and then showed the collection for coming AW10.

The guys handling business in Linköping.

After that and a 40€ penalty for not getting back to the car in time, I headed south once again. Next stop Gothenburg.

The same story there, couple of beers and some italian sandwiches together with good denim. What else would be the essentials in life?

After a good meeting in Gbg it was time to hit the road again, the new DD-Wagen is impressing I must say. Really starting to like it. Had to get to Helsingborg, as the next morning it was time for another visit.
Up fairly early again to head to Solo in Väla, after a night in a Hostel next to the Bandidos HQ. Did not know if I should feel safe or not?!

Another great meeting, I am so much enjoying this trip. This is what it's all about, meeting great people!
After three hours in Väla I headed into town for lunch and another appointment, before getting back in the car. Next stop was Malmö. This was the first time I used the official Galliano Hot Shot case in public, and I must say it worked brilliantly.

The lovely staff of Solo Malmö.

Who even brought a little extra special from home to add a little flavor to the Denim Demon in-store presentation.

Thank you all of my friends at Solo! Thank you for letting me come visit. See you soon again.

I am off to bed, totally exhausted. Tomorrow I am heading over to Copenhagen for the Moshroom show. See you there!

Project Ware outs

Since it has been a lot of posts about skiing the last days, here comes a awaited post about denim. Just got a delivery to the office from Japan so these will hit the stores soon, stay tuned for some more detailed posts about this.

07 February 2010

When you're in Rome...

Since we are in France we figured we had to try some typical french food. I had to think about it for a while since I don't eat meat unless it's game. But after the waitress promised me they were wild hunted animals I had a go.

It was acctually pretty good.

1st ski day in Flaine

This was the view that met us when we woke up yesterday morning.

After lunch it got cloudy and it fell some snow but the views was fantastic anyway.

06 February 2010

Freeride Flaine

It was the qualification run for Flaine freeride today as well. Our friend Joonas Karhumaa, the only rider on telemark, won over 60 other alpine riders and took a place in the finals tomorrow. A great run and it will be very interesting to see if he can do it again in the finals.

Picture taken from Four Elements website.

Powder part 2

Some more pics from the powder runs today, sometimes it went pretty good and other not so good. It's some hard work trying to get up in 1 meter snow that you just sinks thru, belive me I know after today.

Powder porn

We have had a great day in Flaine, blue sky and sun in the morning and some snow in the afternoon. After some great powder runs I had to celebrate with the Anja Pärson classic: The seal.

On our way to Flaine

The trip started very nice with some super views thru the alps. It was a very heavy snow fall all the way and when we started to drive up to Flaine 1800 meters up we run into some minor problems.

Had to go out and push the car a couple of times when it was stuck in snow and ice but for some it was hard to give a helping hand. Here is when we pass 2 busses that got stuck on their way. (forgot the snow chains, another classic from Snowroller)

To show how much snow it fell today. Good luck picking up your cars, you need a shovel just to get to the door.