17 February 2010

Denim Demon AW10

It's been a while since we showed in Copenhagen, and that has it's natural reasons, maybe it isn't that strange. On my way there last week, thought about it, the first season we did a fashion fair was for Spring-08. With me I had 14 articles in total, 10 jeans in three styles and 4 t-shirts. I stood there and asked myself why Denim Demon wasn't the hottest thing at CPH Vision, why there was so few buying. We had something unique and new, something every shop in Scandinavia would want to carry.

Eight days ago, I sat in my car thinking about it, and then it suddenly came to me. This season, for AW10, is the first season we get the chance to actually show what Denim Demon is about. It's the first time we have a strong collection all together, really nice tops as well as bottoms. Everything is thought thru, from thread colors, stitches per inch, pockets, lining, fabrics, fits, washes... I could go on forever.

I am not saying we've done bad things earlier. A lot of the garments is still with us from the beginning, but we did one nice shirt, one nice t-shirt, one good jean and so on. But none of them really had anything to do with the other rather than the Denim Demon logo.

This time it's different. We have a nice collection that works good in its own company. We have always been proud of what we're doing, but this time it's different, Denim Demon jeans AW10 is by far the best collection we've done. Now it is time for us to start showing this to people in the rest of the world... We have come to the start of a new beginning, Denim Demon have something to say, something to show, something we are proud of. We want to show you what this is. And we will.

2010 is the first year on a long and happy journey for us, I can feel it. Please feel free to join in!

Here's some pictures from our weekend at Moshroom in Copenhagen. Would like to thank everybody who came and visited, everyone working for Moshroom and all of my friends at Moshroom. Thank you for a good weekend.

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