05 February 2010


First day in Verbier but unfortunatly the weather isn't very good, snow and foggy but our guide here has some nice plans for us anyway. On the way here we passed the acctual sign to Kirchberg, the name they took for the resort in Snowroller. It's pretty hard to see it on the picture but I promise you, it's there.

On the hotell we had some beer with the manager, it was pretty funny but I think he had already taken around 27 before we came. Pretty darn drunk and with a great bear impression that he had learned in Orsa. He didn't want to show it in front of the camera though.

Classic Stig-Helmer photo: view from my window

It's really important that you start the day with a good breakfast so we was really happy when we got to this buffet this morning. Corn flakes, milk and some orange juice it's all you need.

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