25 December 2008

Jonna and Joe

Our two last pair of jeans where picked up last Saturday. We met with Jan-Olof in his home in Dorotea, he gave us good home cooked coffee and nice sandwiches. His jeans looks really good and has been wearing them daily since the day he got them, that is impressive. Every single day.
After a couple of hours in Joe's kitchen we headed up to Klimpfjäll for a meeting with Jonna. The drive there wasn't the easiest and we almost crashed with reindeers along with a fence. With a little luck we managed to avoid any damages though...
Jonna's jeans looked fabulous and she's done a brilliant job! We do think though, that her jeans have been in the washer. Is it so Jonna?

20 December 2008

Jänsmässholmen 2

View from our bedroom window at JanÅke's house.

JanÅke's jeans to the left and Per-Henrik's to the right

JanÅke and Sebastian on the snowmobile

One unlucky reindeer

19 December 2008


Day three, in Jänsmässholmen with our friends JanÅke and Per-Henrik. Arrived around 10.30 am and been out since. It's now 1.30 am and we haven't had dinner yet...
We are experiencing something absolutely amazing on this trip, and every day is a true adventure. This is why you have to put up with other pictures, rather than only denim related. You get so many impressions that your mind cannot keep up with it...

Tried to get a few more shots on Per-Henrik and JanÅke´s jeans this time, and there will be plenty more soon. Both their pants look truly good, so much better in real life than you could ever imagine.

We also want to thank Therese, Nelly and Anna who even though Holmens Hotel wasn't open, arranged with an amazing breakfast for us. We are so grateful. Have a look.

16 December 2008


Arrived at Saltfjell around 3.30 pm. This was a place were our fellow Sami's gathered their reindeers and transported them to different new areas. It's winter time and they need to get the reindeers back down from the fells in order to ensure feedstuff, so we where met by thousands of reindeers, waiting to get sorted out and into the right carrier. This was an absolutely amazing experience, we even got to help out a little bit. Anton and I thinks that reindeer keeping runs in our veins.


We arrived to Jäckvik today at 12:00 after a 1400 km drive (with a small detour of 180 km)
and met up with Per-Åke. He was on his way to Saltfjellet and Per Guttorm to pick up some reindeers and we tagged along.

15 December 2008

Dragon gate

If you should drive all night you need to get a good meal on the way. They have built dragon gate for the last 3 years and now it was finally open so we could try it. The food was, let's say ok...

First stop.

On our way

We gonna start our trip with a 1000 km drive up to Jäckvik where we'll meet up with Per-Ake and Per Guttorm. Tomorrow we'll fix some better pics here together with them and their jeans. Have a good night!

13 December 2008

Check it out!

Denim Demon's new web site is up! We are super-pleased about the way it turned out, have a look for yourself at www.denimdemon.se

12 December 2008

The Denim Demon car

Here we have some pics of the car that will take us 3400 kilometers next week to collect the jeans from our 7 friends. Luckily it's equipped with both 4 wheel drive for the snowy roads and a 8 inch screen in the back-seat for us without license.

Thank you Seat for your support.

10 December 2008

We're waiting to get the latest pics from Per Guttorm but meanwhile I want to show you this book, it might perhaps be a good christmas gift?

"Show me how, 500 things you should know"

Here you can see how to catch fish, either bare-handed or with a trap. If you don't have any water nearby you can fire-roast a tarantula instead.

This might be more useful; toast on a stick, some kind of marshmallow and open a wine bottle against a tree.

Last but not least, how to repair your jeans if they rip when you're doing a high-kick.

09 December 2008

Winter wonderland part 2

JanÅke sent us some new pics today from Jänsmässholmen and it looks beautiful! The picture on top is when JanÅke is preparing tracks for snowmobiles and the lower one is Lappluvan, the fells we have on our Sarves patch but from another angle.

Good thing that we got a 4 wheel drive from Seat...

Per-Åke Niia

Here we see the last pics from Per-Åke and these are really well worn and looking great! Good job and nice pictures.

Now it's less then one week before we go back and collect the jeans and it's gonna be super interesting to see them in real life.

05 December 2008

Tenue de Nimes

A couple of weeks ago I visited our friends Menno and Rene in Amsterdam for their opening of Tenue de Nimes. Had a little trouble coming over due to delays, but once there it was well worth it. The shop is a real beauty, amazing interior and a really nice location. I am sure this will be one of the most visited and successful shops in the city of Amsterdam in no time. If ever in the city, make sure you drop by. The address is Elandsgracht 60.

A few pics from a lovely night: