25 December 2008

Jonna and Joe

Our two last pair of jeans where picked up last Saturday. We met with Jan-Olof in his home in Dorotea, he gave us good home cooked coffee and nice sandwiches. His jeans looks really good and has been wearing them daily since the day he got them, that is impressive. Every single day.
After a couple of hours in Joe's kitchen we headed up to Klimpfjäll for a meeting with Jonna. The drive there wasn't the easiest and we almost crashed with reindeers along with a fence. With a little luck we managed to avoid any damages though...
Jonna's jeans looked fabulous and she's done a brilliant job! We do think though, that her jeans have been in the washer. Is it so Jonna?

1 comment:

Roxxy said...

No, no laundry for that pair of jeans :) /Jonna