12 December 2008

The Denim Demon car

Here we have some pics of the car that will take us 3400 kilometers next week to collect the jeans from our 7 friends. Luckily it's equipped with both 4 wheel drive for the snowy roads and a 8 inch screen in the back-seat for us without license.

Thank you Seat for your support.


Steve UK said...

Looks very cool indeed!! Nice colour choice!!

Fru Denim said...

Fet kärra!!!! När får man åka en sväng? ;)

//Herr & Fru Denim ;)

Anonymous said...

Snygg bil ja..
Blir kul å se den när ni kommer/JanÅke

joe said...

Snygg bil kul att få se den i verkligheten när vi ses.Heelsegh!Jan-olof

D-Wike said...

Nice! Fin fin kärra det där.