19 December 2008


Day three, in Jänsmässholmen with our friends JanÅke and Per-Henrik. Arrived around 10.30 am and been out since. It's now 1.30 am and we haven't had dinner yet...
We are experiencing something absolutely amazing on this trip, and every day is a true adventure. This is why you have to put up with other pictures, rather than only denim related. You get so many impressions that your mind cannot keep up with it...

Tried to get a few more shots on Per-Henrik and JanÅke´s jeans this time, and there will be plenty more soon. Both their pants look truly good, so much better in real life than you could ever imagine.

We also want to thank Therese, Nelly and Anna who even though Holmens Hotel wasn't open, arranged with an amazing breakfast for us. We are so grateful. Have a look.

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