10 December 2008

We're waiting to get the latest pics from Per Guttorm but meanwhile I want to show you this book, it might perhaps be a good christmas gift?

"Show me how, 500 things you should know"

Here you can see how to catch fish, either bare-handed or with a trap. If you don't have any water nearby you can fire-roast a tarantula instead.

This might be more useful; toast on a stick, some kind of marshmallow and open a wine bottle against a tree.

Last but not least, how to repair your jeans if they rip when you're doing a high-kick.


clarexu said...

you have never tried a S'more (the marshmallow thing)? it is a toasted marshmallow & a Hersheys chocolate bar between two graham crackers - a delicious snack :) !

info said...

I've never tried it but as soon as I get the book I will!