03 December 2008


Here's Jonnas jeans again, looks more blue in the color then last time and has some really nice fadings. Because she wears them pretty loose we don't see so marked whiskers (like Per-Henriks for example) and I really like that the fadings between the 7 will get very personal and different from each other. Here you can see Jonna in our on-tour tee that we handed out on our last trip:


Steve UK said...

Some really nice wear begining to show on those! Just soaked my first pair of Sarves last night, hope mine start to show progress like these. Are these being worn everyday?

Roxxy said...

Yup pretty much every day! And they has been in several snow fights and lots of fun lately.

Steve UK said...

Sounds good, should help them wear very nicely then. I have my new Sarves on today too, but no sign of wear after only 5 hours lol!!
Do you have more than one pair of DDs?

Wish we had some snow here to fight in. I live too far south in UK for that yet!

I think I shall try to keep these going for at least 6 months before a wash.

Roxxy said...

I only have one pair of them and I love them!

Well, make a try and see what happens. Jeans are not meant to laundry so often anyway.

Steve UK said...

I think I shall keep wearing mine for ages, they fit and feel great already! They will be my new project jeans.

I shall see what happens with mine, not sure my office job will let them show 'wear' that quickly though haha! Might get away with a year with no washing if it's a cool summer!!