19 January 2010


Had a good meeting with Skansen, one of the world's finest open air museums, today and it looks like Denim Demon will be a part of the Swedish natural treasures. Big honor of course. Skansen has one of the biggest costume supplies, supplying everything from movies, theatre and tv-production with clothes from different parts of Sweden and different eras. Denim Demon's project ware out jeans will be added to this, and it feels good to know that long after we are gone, the Aajja JanÅke and Per-Henrik will still be around.
Skansen is as big as the Old Town of Stockholm and is beautifully located on Djurgården (a small island in Sthlm). If you haven't been here, I can strongly recommend you to pay a visit. For example February 6, when they are celebrating the Samí national day.
A couple of pictures from earlier today, sorry for the crappy quality.

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