18 January 2010

Aajja Bajja

Finally, after a lot of planning they're done. As you may know our good friends at Sneakersnstuff have been celebrating their 10 year anniverary all through 2009 with some amazing collaborations. Technically they can celebrate this until March 26, as that's the date they opened up. These babies will be released on January 29 at a limited run of 30 pairs.


- Limited to 30 pairs, all individually numbered by hand on one pocket bag and the special SNS/Denim Demon reindeer leather patch

- 15,5 oz un-singed and un-sanforized denim made out of American yarn dyed cotton and weaved on Yama Ashi Mill in Japan

- Manufactured on vintage Union Special machines in Okayama, Japan

- Poly thread with a cotton surface to get the durability of the poly and the vintage fading of the cotton

- Hidden bartags and hidden rivets on back pockets

- Hidden arcuate on back pockets

- Extra heavy and slubby pocket lining

- Special designed SNS/Denim Demon patch that's hand printed on reindeer leather. Attached with the top seam from the waistband in one shoot.

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