29 January 2010

Ian Brown

Ian Brown played in Stockholm yesterday, at a venue called Göta Källare. A small place which gives you a good feeling, very intimate. I've been a fan of Ian Brown since the early nineties, and one of my best live experienses is Palladium 1995 when The Stone Roses performed. Unfortunately I missed the first three songs because of peoples-beer and pool, which wasn't that fun of course. This was however forgotten ten years later when I managed to get Ian over to Sthlm, for a gig to celebrate the 35th birthday of a certain three striped shell toe. He played the song once again, and I even got it dedicated to me.

Five years later he was back, finally. In the same building as last time, although a couple of floors down. It was a great performance, although a couple of songs was more or less destroyed due to bad monitoring (?), but the good ones was great! Highlights was Sister Rose, Stellify and of course Fools Gold. A little sad we didn't get to hear I Wanna Be Adored, but you cannot get it all. Overall a great night!


Jo-ann.Fortune said...

Wish I could have caught him on tour this year, Ian is consistently good.

I wrote a restrospective of his solo work here:


Engineer Vlasov said...

Went to see them in Moscow. Great gig, very enjoyable. Ian surprised by his deep knowledge of the Russian swearings. Naice!