25 January 2011


Just back from a great week in Berlin. We've had the best show ever, with a loads of new clients in. I would like to thank Oli Saunders, the director of SEEK, who've done an amazing job with the space he has. All the important accounts, all the good press, everyone came and everyone only had great things to say about our collection.
2011 will be the year of the Denim Demon, that's for sure. Would like to say thank you to all of our new and old friends as well: Orlando, Holly, Mark, Don, Marc, Frederik, Ed, Brian, Peter, Andreas, Per, Thomas, Matt, Adrian, Zeeshan, Anton... the list is too long. Also, to all of our friends we unfortunately didn't have the time to meet due to hard work: See you next year! Especially Jeremy.

Here's a little Sneak preview of what's coming. Looks very strong.

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