12 January 2009

A little teaser

A little teaser on Jan-Olof's pair of Aajja's. This is the pair that he's been wearing daily for the last six months. The only time they've been of, except sleep, is a couple of hours this summer when it was too hot, and he wore shorts in the garden. But he told us the first thing he did getting back in was to put them on again. That's what I call dedication!
Thank you Jan-Olof for your help! We really appreciate it a lot.

If you want to take a closer look on these together with the other six pairs, I strongly recommend you to come down to Riche and Lilla Baren on Wednesday January 28. We will show a lot of pictures and of course the actual pair of jeans worn in Sapmí the last half year. And hopefully you will get to meet a few of the faces behind the project.

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Customized Jeans said...

Thanks for this post, sadly, I cannot come. But if you can please post more pictures or send me some?