29 September 2008

Gumtan a k a SNS-Peter a k a Zeel

Today we want to sing Happy Birthday to our friend Peter at Sns, think he's turning 28 today. We wish you a delightful birthday with a lot of cake and nice presents. Malin, I heard he needs a new bike, a free tip from Denim Demon.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Peter, happy birthday to you!"

"Ja må han leva, ja må han leva, ja må han leva uti hundrade år, javisst ska han leva javisst ska han leva javisst ska han leva uti hundrade år!"

28 September 2008

Per-Åke Niia

Here is Per-Åke's jeans after his first 3 months, and it looks like his been working really hard in them. I know that he really likes them and wears them all the time which we can tell by the way they look. Some great fadings and it looks like they could use a rinse soon.

27 September 2008

Looking for elk

Here is a picture when JanÅke and Scott is out looking for elk, I don't know if they found any yet but I'm sure he will let us know.

25 September 2008

JanÅke Johnsson

Here is JanÅke's jeans after almost 3 months of wear, he is wearing them all the time which is easy to understand when you look at them. They look really good and now they and JanÅke is out hunting elk as well. Very worn out already and it's still 3 more months to go... Gonna be interesting to see how this ends.

22 September 2008

Per-Henrik Bergkvist

Here is Per-Henrik's jeans after 2,5 months of wear, and you can tell that they have been working hard! I know he was about to rinse them after this because of all the dirt and blood from the slaughter so it's gonna be interesting to see how they look after that...

17 September 2008

Some pics from JanÅke

JanÅke was kind enough to take some pictures when he and Per-Henrik was working with the reindeers last week. 2 handsome men,2 pair of handsome jeans, a bell and some reindeers:

Nils-Ove's jeans for the first time!

Nils-Ove has been very hard to get in touch with the latest weeks, and this is the first time we can see his jeans since we left them in Snåsa. They look pretty well worn after all, I know he has forgot them a couple of times at work but I think they can get really nice after a couple more months. 

15 September 2008

Article from ÖP

A journalist from ÖP (Östersunds Posten) followed 2 of our test pilots, JanÅke and Per-Henrik, when they worked with the reindeer slaughter. Click the link to read the story and to look at the pictures, they look really good!


12 September 2008


Now it's time for Per-Åke's jeans after 2,5 months of wear. He has used them all summer on his ATV, trips up fells, calves marking etc and they look really nice, have a look:

08 September 2008

Per Guttorm's jeans

Now it's time to take a look at Per Guttorm's jeans again and they have been worn for about 2 months. They start to look great and I really like the amazing fadings at the bottom.

06 September 2008


Visited our friends at Sneakersnstuff yesterday and found a good presence of DD denim, Johan had a nice pair of worn in Aajja as well as Peter who happily showed up his torn "legs"... Raymond represented well in a pair of Aajja Bengt-Erik. Martin was a little concerned since he was about to rinse his first pair of Aajja, been wearing them since mid december 06, and they haven't been in contact with water ever. Looking really forward to see how they will turn out! Later I had a really nice burger.

05 September 2008


Next up is Jan-Olof from Dorotea, the deacon that had fell with is motorbike last time we heard from him. Now it's time for a chanterelle hunt in the woods, sounds more safe I must say. Starting to get some nice fadings on his pair as well:

01 September 2008

Jonna's jeans

Next up is our girl from Klimpfjäll, Jonna and her jeans after 2 months of wear. Looking really good I must say: