27 July 2010

One hovding.

The Kolt.

Yesterday I showed you my Aajja Japan Wedding Edition. Today I'll show you the jacket.
This is a beautiful piece handmade by my very talented brother Anton. A 15 oz Kolt, japanese Selvedge fabric, organic cotton, naturally indigo dyed, split seam in the back...

26 July 2010

Wedding Pants

Last September I got married, since we are not making suits, the decision what to wear wasn't that hard. Of course I wore denim. My brother made me a beautiful Samí denim Kolt in Japanese 15 oz denim, to that I wore a pair of Aajja Japan. Same fabric of course. I guess I am the only Samí dude with a Japanese Kolt, of course a Selvedge one.

This is the pants I had on, I've been wearing them day and night since my wedding day, and just recently decided to give them their first wash. Started with a dry clean, which made them look absolutely lovely. It didn't help the smell though, too bad. Take a closer look at my Aajja Wedding pants.

22 July 2010

Denim Demon SS11 at King.

Part one. Going thru all the new tops for SS11.

Check it out here.

14 July 2010

JanÅke working.

We got these pictures from JanÅke the other day, they are in the middle of putting their marks in the newborn reindeers ears.

13 July 2010

Water Resistant denim

This is one of the news for SS11. As far as we know, no-one ever did this. We have found out how to make denim (or any other fabric) water resistant. Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself! Perfect out in the nature. Think JanÅke will be happy with these.

01 July 2010

First Look | Denim Demon Spring/Summer 2011

First Look | Denim Demon Spring/Summer 2011

Denim Demon, our favorite Swedish denim label, has grown steadily since 2007. Then they made just 286 pairs of jeans. For 2011, the line sees continued growth and expansion not just in trousers, but in fleece and shirting as well. Emphasis on Sami workwear remains, and the Kolt isn’t going anywhere. The offerings retain the honesty that makes Denim Demon fun all the while pushing further with the general idea – with 15 denim and chino options included (the chinos use Cone Mills brushed cotton). Washes, as you’ll remember, are based on a “6-month wear out” project, providing a very personal touch.