09 February 2009

Swedish paper Metro with suggestions on how to celebrate the National day.

Last Friday it was, as you know, the National day for us Sami's. The Swedish version of daily paper Metro gave us some suggestions, together with a scheduled tour on town, on how to celebrate this the best way.

1. Start at the City Hall at 8:40 am where the Sami flag will be hoist.

2. Move on to Skansen and the Sami village, listen to Jojk and eat a good Reindeer Soup.

3. Have a massage at Sturebadet (swimming hall) in the Sami cottage.

4. Warm and soft after the massage you go to either NK or Solo and buy yourself a Sami designed jeans from Denim Demon.

5. After that you go directly to Åhlens where you pick up the new cd from Sofia Jannok, who sings Jazz-inspired Jojk.

So there you go, a few days too late, but at least next year you know excactly how to do it.

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