28 June 2008

Back home

Visa större karta

Now we're finally back home, after about a 3300km long roadtrip in Sweden and Norway. We have meet some really nice and fantastic persons that will wear and tear our jeans for 6 months. The nature has been truly amazing and it's gonna be super interesting to follow these 7 persons in their everyday life and see how their denim will fade by time.

We have had some problems with our internet connection during the trip and that's why we haven't posted any pictures lately but we will soon present the people in their brand new jeans.

26 June 2008


It's 2 o'clock and we are currently in Jäckvik at a confirmation camp, trying to stay awake with coffee. We have met with Jan-Olof, one of our brave test pilots. We have also met the young team of elders, the ones who take care of the alert and "non tired" children at night, sending them to bed and making sure they keep focused during daytime.

25 June 2008

Day three pics

Day three

Late yesterday night we arrived in Snåsa, Norway. Nils-Ove is in our extended family and lives here where he works for the Doudji department as teacher for Sami handicraft. We stayed in N-O's house and had toast together with a nice cold Norwegian beer. This morning we went to the Doudji institute to meet with a lot of people we met a few weeks ago in Tromsö, we had three interviews in 90 minutes but got delayed with three hours... So now we are looking forward to a six hour drive up to Jäkkvik, we'll be there around 2 in the morning, hand over a pair of jeans and take our photos. From there we head to Tysfjord, Norway, another five hours away...

24 June 2008

Day two pics

Day two

Got up early today, and met up a local paper for an interview. After that was finished we drove 300 km to Jänsmässholmen where we met up with Per-Henrik and JanÅke, two really nice guys. We sat down in their kitchen and talked about relatives, reindeers and snowmobiles. Got some really nice photos, which we won't share here yet, but still you get some taken with my pocket camera. First day went exemplary, and our men in Jänsmässholmen made us feel really welcome, we didn't want to leave at all, but the thought of 2500 km we have left to beat before friday forced us to move on...

23 June 2008

A windswept face.

First day.

We started early, around 7 am, for a 650 kilometer drive up to Östersund. We did an interview with the Sami Parliament, which went good. Tomorrow is a early rise once again since we are meeting with a local paper at 8. Here are a few pics.


Here is the map where we are going this week. Now we have driven 300 km and have around 3047 km to go, watch this space for more pictures during the week.

Sapmi tour 2008

Now we are on our way up north to hand out our jeans to some hardworking people. They will wear and tear their raw jeans for at least 6 months to test the durability and to see how they fade from their work and everyday life. After a good night sleep in Bringåsen outside Östersund tonight we will go on to Jänsmässholmen tomorrow morning for the first hand-out.

On the road...

Now we're on the way on our sapmi tour. Watch this space for pictures and updates during the week.

08 June 2008

New blog

I am now blogging more frequently at www.blacklodges.com/fire. But keep looking on this address since exciting things are about to start soon...

06 June 2008


It was a while ago, there's no excuses. Sorry.
Just been at a Seminar in Tromsö, Norway. We where invited to give a lecture in Denim Demon and denim in general by the Sami Doudji association. (Doudji is Sami handicraft) Didn't really know what to expect, but we where really happily surprised! Only nice people, interesting subjects and the city of Tromsö is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to! If not THE most beautiful. The city is located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow covered mountains and a sun that never goes down. It was as light at 2:30 last night as it was when we arrived 15 hours earlier. And what a nightlife! There are 62 000 people living in Tromsö, and around 30 000 different pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. And one place better than the other. If you are in Tromsö tonight, don't miss Blå Rock and a live performance by the world famous Gestapo Bitches! We are really sad we have to leave and miss this... If you are not into Bitches playing Rock, there's always Bryan Adams. I haven't got the slightest where he is playing though.
If you get a chance, go visit Tromsö!

Oskar & Anton