08 November 2008


Now when it's only one month left on the wear out project, we thought it could be fun to compare the jeans from day 1 until today. Here is JanÅke's well worn Aajja:

After 1 month. They got a tough start when they were marking the calves straight away, and of course when he was playing with Scott.

2 months. After carrying mud-stone and heating up the outdoor bath barrel at Hotell Holmen (Jänsmässholmen)
3 months. Now they have separate the reindeers and started the elk hunting season.
4 months. He has both hunted and slaughtered some elk and also collected moss, which they use to feed the reindeers when they're moving.
5 months. After a well deserved rinse wash after the elk business, now they start to look really amazing. Really well worn and it seems that JanÅke appreciate his snus as well.

Job well done!


ISH said...

Det här kan vara den bästa slitningsidén någonsin!
När får vi se dem här på ISH?

Anonymous said...

Wow! How often did he wash these jeans?