29 October 2008

Rinse wash

Here we have JanÅke's jeans again, this time after the well needed rinse because they looked a bit dirty after the elk hunt. It's amazing that they look so worn out after only 4 months but we know they have worked hard. Hopefully they're still in one piece when we go there and get them back.

I think they look fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Kan man förhandsbeställa ett par Jan-Åkes

Denim Demon said...

No problem at all, you got one.

Anonymous said...

Kul att dom är eftertraktade ;-)
Nu blev jag lite halvnöjd/JanÅke

Anonymous said...

Helt fantastiska, bra jobbat Jan-Åke!

Anonymous said...

Tusen tack/JanÅke